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We Focus on building your social media the right way.

Caught By The Hook Marketing is now entering year two and we couldn’t be more excited about how things are progressing. We entered the market with the goal of helping small businesses grow. We know what it takes to build a business from scratch and can save you a ton of time, effort and money. Our main focus is on social media based growth and building a community. Sometimes organic social growth just isn’t enough and for those clients we can setup a variety of ad types on various platforms. We build platforms that you own, we do not build and hold hostage your accounts. We’ll show you how to do things the right way from one business owner to another.

Our Approach​

We know that the user is in the center of every business. ​

I am a local Kingston business owner. I have lived in the Kingston, Napanee, and Prince Edward County areas my entire life and have a very strong grasp of the local business market. Some of you may know me from Blue Rock Charters, others may have crossed paths with me in one of my many sales positions. Those who know me know that I am very loyal, driven and will work hard to accomplish my goals and I will do the same to help you accomplish yours.

Strong Team

Small but strong! We work hard and play hard! We make sure the things that need to get done do and have fun doing it. When we aren’t working you might find us fishing, incase it wasn’t obvious enough when I called it Caught By The Hook Marketing.

Joe Spence

Founder/Marketing Lead

Ryan Keeling

Territory Manager/Marketing Coordinator

How We Can Help You

Experience is essential when it comes to building a business.

Are you sure you know what your doing?

  • 5 Years Experience as a Business Owner doing all marketing
  • 5 Years Formal Marketing Experience with most being in the educational, construction and tourism industries
  • 14 Years of Management Experience
  • 17 Years on Social Media
  • 22 Years Sales Experience including retail and large ticket direct to consumer services, Business-to-Business, Phone and Online Sales
  • 25 Years of Web Design and HTML Coding Experience

I own and operate Blue Rock Charters a year-round multi-species fishing guide service. All aspects of the business including the marketing are done by myself. Below is the community of social profiles I built:

Blue Rock Charters – TikTok – 7000+ followers

Blue Rock Charters – Instagram – 5000+ followers

Joe Spence – Instagram – 3000+ followers

Ontario On The Water – Instagram – 1000+ followers

Fun in Kingston – Instagram – 1000+ followers

Blue Rock Charters – Facebook – 2000+ followers

Fishing Kingston – Facebook Group By Blue Rock Charters – 2000+ members

Fishing Ottawa – Facebook Group By Blue Rock Charters – 2000+ members

I have managed to spend $0 on paid digital advertising during that time. That doesn’t mean it’s not effective, but organic growth is the best growth. I have build a large social community that feeds me clients throughout the year.

Want to find out if this is achievable for your business? We can help!

Every business is a little different but we are confident that with our proven methods of organic growth that we can help you build yourself an online community to support your business as well. I look forward to helping you grow your business.

Please call or text 613-983-3474 to discuss your specific needs and come up with an action plan.

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